After 40 years, the US and China are still trapped in their own political bubbles

(Originally published by the South China Morning Post on 07-January-2019.) The US government marked the 40th anniversary of official bilateral relations with the People’s Republic of China with a warning to American citizens visiting the country to beware of its “arbitrary enforcement of local laws”. A day later China’s President Xi Jinping ordered the People’s [...]

In praise of the Donald Trump playbook, which will help the US score a victory over China, albeit temporarily

(Originally published by South China Morning Post on 27 November, 2018.) US President Donald Trump deserves some credit when it comes to his approach to China. For most people outside his base, this might be a challenging assertion. They will need to block out how Trump has debased the White House by saying lucrative arms deals with [...]

In the Huawei, Patrick Ho and Chinese spy cases, Trump sees only bargaining chips for his trade war

(Originally published by South China Morning Post on 11 December 2018.) Xu Yanjun, alleged by the US government to be a spy working for the Chinese Ministry of State Security, was extradited from Brussels and is awaiting his pretrial hearings in Cleveland, Ohio. Former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho Chi-ping was arrested at JFK airport in New York and is now [...]