Stumbles over Meng Wanzhou’s arrest won’t help the US case against Huawei

(Originally published here by South China Morning Post.) As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced an onslaught of political attacks last week over accusations of back-room dealing, Beijing piled on the pressure. When a member of China’s state-owned press questioned Canada’s judicial independence in light of accusations that Trudeau tried to interfere with a judicial [...]

China shouldn’t celebrate if Donald Trump loses his border wall battle – his successor may be even harder on Beijing

(Originally published here by South China Morning Post.) Of all of the cuts Donald Trump has invited by declaring a national emergency to fund a border wall between the United States and Mexico, The Wall Street Journal’s might be the deepest. Citing former US Supreme Court chief justice Robert Jackson, the newspaper’s editorial board pointed out that “a president’s power is [...]

After 40 years, the US and China are still trapped in their own political bubbles

(Originally published by the South China Morning Post on 07-January-2019.) The US government marked the 40th anniversary of official bilateral relations with the People’s Republic of China with a warning to American citizens visiting the country to beware of its “arbitrary enforcement of local laws”. A day later China’s President Xi Jinping ordered the People’s [...]